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Well, that’s pretty sweet. I log in to FFXIV today and made a run to the Market Wards. Now there are new options. Instead of names of random places, now they have names like Battlecraft, Fieldcraft, etc. It seems that Square has organized the Market Wards to reflect the types of items you want to sell. That is an excellent idea! That will make it much easier to look for and find items that I want to buy or compare prices of similar items that I want to sell. They also charge less “taxes” for selling certain items in those areas to encourage players to sell certain things there.

It looks like Square is apologizing for the horrible game play and has given players who purchased/registered a character before Oct. 25th an extra 30 days for free.

Koitsu shot me a couple of links that FFXIV will improve it’s UI by the middle of November:
Ask the Devs (10/15/10)
A Message from the Director (10/15/10)

Finally I can have my sortable items.

After playing for a couple of days, my fears of having too little gil have finally left me. Apparently, guildleves are a nice way to get some spending money. You just need to be rank 10 first. I find that playing the rank 10 guildleves with my Conjurer to be fairly easy and each time you do it, you can earn anywhere between 2,000-6,000 gil. I can do three in about 10-15 minutes. AOE is your friend. I typically pick up all the Battlecraft guildleves for rank 10+, teleport to Camp Emerald Moss, and then killage. One of the more annoying quests is “kill 6 things”. When you kill 5 of those things, the last one runs off. When you finally catch up with it, 3-4 of its friends pop out and kill you.

Favorite Past Time: Raped by Naked Moles.

So you have to be a little bit careful. Other than that, they’re fine. I usually spend the remaining guildleves on crafting because, “Hey, free materials!”

Weaving: Sewing it up yo!

Carpenter: Making Sh*t!

The game seems perfectly suitable to my casual game play. It usually takes me up to an hour to complete all the eight guildleves, then I stop playing. Maybe later I’ll put in more time to craft. That way I can at least upgrade my armor and make new weapons. Then I won’t be stuck using starter items. I wonder if there’s a merchant somewhere… I should probably look for one sometime.

Toefer Theangry (Figaro)

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Second Day

October 11, 2010 2 comments

I had a very short second day. I ended up doing chores and running errands, but I still managed to play for an hour or two. Anyway, I was wrong about the intro storyline. Apparently I did not complete it. I guess there’s a break in the middle where you’re suppose to level or something. Anyway, I earned an additional 15,000 bringing my total to 27,000 for just completing the quest.

Now that I felt a bit more comfortable buying items, I picked up some Botanist gear and went botanizing… I also picked up a couple of guildleves and went on my merry way. I got a couple of useful items, moko grass and some wind shards. That should help my weaving. I also gained like 7 ranks in Botany in a little over an hour. I thought that was impressive, but who knows. It’s probably average.

I also played around with macros. They’re a bit annoying. I wonder if you can equip a Macro with the /eaction command… Maybe I’ll try that later.

Chopping away

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First Day

October 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Well, the first day of playing wasn’t so bad. Played for about 12 hours and mostly goofed around. I completed all the starter quests with my Conjurer which netted me about 12,000 Eorzea Currency. I did a guildleve or two and ran around between each capital killing things.

It looks like for each capital, there are three easy to get to Aetheryte camps off of the main road. Including the ones in the capital you have to visit, I now have 12 teleport locations. The main road seems to be a central place for new adventurers. It’s more or less safe to travel between capitals, as long as you keep running, and there are plenty of things to kill along the way. There is one large road linking Gridania to Ul’dah to the port which takes you to Limsa Lominsa. Then if you exit east of Limsa Lominsa, there is one large area with another road linking three Aetheryte camps.

Trying to get to the other Aetheryte camps, off-road, got me killed. That was my first death actually. Instead of doing a face plant, I fell backwards and looked at the sky. It reminded me of an Elvaan death. I would’ve taken a screenshot, except I wasn’t sure how. Maybe I’ll look that up in the near future. My second death was running in between locations. An ant killed me somewhere in Ul’dah while I was trying to kill a Star Marmot, pretty much the low level mob for noobs. It was probably an Antling Digger in the Thanalan zone.

After completing the starter quest line, I didn’t really know what to do afterwards. My options seemed to be snag a guildleve or run outside and killed things. The guildleves aren’t too hard. I did them on solo difficulty. Essentially you get your battlecraft guildleve, run outside to a nearby camp, and initiate it. During the guildleve, you will be pointed to your mobs and only you can see them. You earn a little bit of money, but I think it’s better to do the ones that drop items.

After doing three guildleves, I thought it best to just kill things for a while. This seems to be the best way to earn experience quickly, at least for low levels. All you get from killing mobs though are items and crystals/shards. Throughout the day, I received about 43 different items which can net me about 22,000 Eorzea currency. Perhaps I’ll set it up in a retainer for now to sell at twice the price.

It looks like you can buy the starter weapons for the other classes from their corresponding guild. There are NPCs too around town that will sell those items, but I didn’t look for them. For the Discipline of Hand (DoH) and the Discipline of Land (DoL), both primary and off-hand weapons will cost a total of 2,100 or so Eorzea currency. After getting my Conjurer to level 10, I may now try my hand at a Botanist to get some items for Weaving.

The crystal/shard distribution seems a bit off. I earned tons of Earth, Fire, and Ice while little to no Water, Wind, and Lightning. Before I start off with Botanist, I allocated all of my elemental points between Wind and Lightning to hopefully earn some crystals for Weaving.

Point allocation was OK. For the most part while gaining physical levels, I allocated everything into VIT. I read somewhere on a couple of forums that you should take VIT all the way to 40 for a Conjurer. I now know that 40 is the break point in which it starts costing more points to raise one attribute.

Fighting took a while to get the hang of it. I still start running off in active mode after killing a mob. Also, casting spells is a bit annoying. Without the use of macros, you have to cast your spell and then click on you or the mob. I need to create a couple of macros for casting.

A couple of the mobs seemed bugged. While fighting, sometimes they would run off, heal, then run back and forth. I don’t think their regen rate is suppose to be so high. Sometimes while fighting a mob, it’ll regain full health then come back to you. At that point I went into passive mode, clicked somewhere off the mob so I wouldn’t be locked onto it, then {run away}.

Anyway, I think the plan for now is to level Botanist and hopefully get some Wind/Lightning crystals/shards. Maybe I’ll concentrate on completing more guildleves before they reset tonight. Or, I can do a couple of chores around the house. Decisions, decisions…

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October 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Well, the new computer arrived on Thursday. It’s actually fairly large and barely fits underneath my desk. When booting the computer, the fans are really loud. Other than that, while I’m using the computer it’s really quiet. I haven’t tried playing games with it though so we’ll see. I found the case lights to be annoying. It generates extra heat that unnecessary. I did find it interesting that you can adjust the colors though.

I ran the Windows experience test. My scores were (on a scale of 1.0 to 7.9):
Processor – 7.5
Memory (RAM) – 7.6
Graphics – 7.4
Gaming graphics – 7.4
Primary hard disk – 5.9

Well, perhaps I should’ve gone with RAID 0. Oh well, that doesn’t bother me so much. I upgraded the OS to Windows 7 Ultimate, installed FFXIV, and created my new character on the Figaro server: Toefer Theangry. In hindsight, I probably should’ve looked up an equivalent surname.

Grass comes from the Middle High German word Graz, meaning angry or intense.
Chaffee comes from the French word Chafe, meaning to heat, to grow warm or angry.
Rout, old English for wrath, meaning angry or fierce.
And here’s my favorite, Faust from German, meaning fist. Used for a strong willed and rather angry person.

I just like it because it means fist. Let’s see… Toefer Grass… Toefer Chaffee… Toefer Route… Toefer Faust. In the end, it doesn’t really matter since THIS IS JUST A VIDEO GAME. So I’m happy with Toefer Theangry. After character creation, I didn’t actually get to play… at all. I became busy with stuff and was sad.

The box... taller than my trash can and twice as long.

And inside the box, was a smaller box...

And finally the computer...

...which barely fits underneath my desk. (NOTE: all lights are off except for blue alien head)

FFXIV Benchmark Score (large): 2249

FFXIV Benchmark Score (small): 4163

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