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November 24, 2010 1 comment

{Found it!}

Wandered over to the Drybone Aetheryte Camp and saw a bunch of Lalafells teleporting there.

Surrounded by pink-haired Lalafells.

Yep… fun times. I decided to look up the cost of gil nowadays. It’s about $38 for 1,000,000 gil. Better get it while it’s hot.

I’m not sure how much money is worth in FFXIV yet. I teleported a rank 30+ guy to Ul’dah for 30,000 gil the other day. That was pretty sweet. That’s equivalent to doing 3-6 regional guildleves for 90 minutes or so depending upon if you’re teleporting or not. It takes me around 6-7 minutes to work on a single regional guildleve, solo.

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Weaver Gear Rank 20 to 30

November 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Hmm… after reading the Weaver Crafting Forum on Zam, it looks like there are two abilities to consider when purchasing equipment for crafters (at least for Weavers): Magic Craftsmanship and Control. I’m not sure which one is better nor how much they will improve the success rate of a synthesis, but I think I will adjust my equipment list.

Slot Optimal Rank Name Current Bazaar Price
Head 24 Canvas Beret ???
Body 26 Canvas Half 50,000
Legs 26 Canvas Slops 50,000
Waist 16 Leather Tool Belt 29,000
Hands 24 Canvas Halfgloves 16,000
Feet 24 Elm Pattens ???
Total 145,000 + ???

It also appears that Weaver is based on the DEX attribute for their primary tool. Lame.

Weaver Gear List

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Conjurer Armor Rank 20 to 30

November 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Been looking at armor today. So far, I’ve been running around in my starter equipment and equipment gained from guildleves because I can. My Conjurer is only rank 15, but I figured I should start thinking about buying gear for when I party. I have about 750k to burn so I thought I’d browse around for a bit. It looks like the armor for Conjurers between level 20-30 is all Canvas.

Slot Optimal Rank Name Current Bazaar Price
Main 23 Plumbed Pine Crook 24,000
Head 26 Canvas Hat 50,000
Body 21 Canvas Half-Robe 70,000
Legs 21 Canvas Breeches 5,000
Waist 22 Canvas Sash 60,000
Hands 24 Canvas Halfgloves 16,000
Feet 23 Leather Shoes 17,000
Total 242,000

Items I didn’t see at the Bazaar:

Main 21 Pastoral Elm Cane 500,000 (Global)

All I need for crafting skills is:
39 Alchemist
25 Armorer
01 Blacksmith
21 Carpenter
21 Goldsmith
30 Leatherworker
30 Weaver



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November 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Playing FFXIV without any friends has been slightly boring. Good thing I supplement my game play with watching TV. This past Saturday though, I had a chance encounter with an old friend from FFXI, Tasenshadesen.

I’ve been running around lately in FFXIV to conserve Anima. My newest way to skill up was to do regional and local levequests at a capital, then teleport to the next capital and do more. During one of my runs to Camp Nine Ivies, I found a Spiny Dormouse. It conned IT, but I really wanted to find out how tough it is. And I did, as it killed my rank 13 Conjurer in one shot.

Spiny Dormouse, a.k.a. Lalafell killer

Upon my resurrection and subsequent trek back to Camp Nine Ivies, I ran into a familiar name, Tasen Shadesen, a Lalafell. Could this possibly be the same Tasenshadesen on Gilgamesh that partied with me to earn our BLM AF armor in the summer of 2004? As it turns out, it was. We caught up on old times for a little bit. Essentially a bunch of people from Gilgamesh (FFXI) are now on the Figaro (FFXIV) server. He named off a bunch of names, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember anyone. He started playing a two-three weeks ago and joined the Phoenix Order. Unfortunately, there were no sackholders online to give me a pearl, but maybe next time I see him I’ll get one.

Tasen and me

That was pretty neat. I found an old friend and I may even get membership into a LS. Tasen Shadesen also mentioned that it’s pretty much a grind to rank 20 before you get into the more group orientated game play. It occurs to me that I have no idea how to play in a party in FFXIV yet. I haven’t even made macros to cast spells and to tell party members to gather. I’m sure I’ll pick it up later.

In other news, my three highest ranks are now Weaver 16, Conjurer 14, and Carpenter 13 and I’ve obtain 500,000 gil (really Eorzea currency, but it’ll always be gil to me). I’m not sure if that’s a lot of money at my level, but that small bit of wealth was obtained by doing a bunch of levequests and bazaaring the rewards (since I wasn’t using it and was running out of inventory space). And now for some unrelated pictures:

Too many dodos.

Eaten by a Lone Wolf.

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Cannot Summon Retainer

November 12, 2010 Leave a comment

That’s a fairly weird message, “You cannot summon that retainer right now”. I saw that when I tried to summon my retainer from Limsa Lominsa Market Wards. That made me a bit sad. I think it’s because earlier I summoned my retainer to the Ul’dah Market Wards. I guess there’s some sort of limit to how often you can move your retainer from city to city.

I saw this forum post on Allakhazam. They seem to think that you cannot move retainers if they’re bazaaring. That’s not true though since I managed to move my retainer from Gridania to Ul’dah with no problem while it was bazaaring. Perhaps someone was browsing it at the time or something. Who knows?

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Guildleves Galore

November 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Well, I had some time to go along with my experiment. I snagged a couple of Weaving local leves (3 available) and 3 Battlecraft regional leves (also from 3 available) from the Gridania Adventurer’s Guild and completed them. Then I traveled to Ul’dah. To my surprise, I found out that I could grab new Battlecraft regional leves and Weaving local leves. Also, there were more Weaving local leves available (5), probably because Ul’dah is home to the Weaver’s Guild.

So rather than working on 2-3 different crafts through local leves, I can now concentrate on a single craft as long as I travel around. Also, I can do more Battlecraft regional leves to get more monies. Neat. Perhaps one day, I’ll be a weaver extraordinaire.

I also spent some time managing my inventory. It’s amazing how little space you have when you’re carrying 3 Discipline of War/Magic, 6 Discipline of Hand, and 3 Discipline of Land items. That’s 21 total items out of my inventory of 80. And now that I do so many different leve quests, I’m carrying way too much junk through item drops and quest rewards. I started vending items that I probably won’t use like logs and whatnot to make room and vended the other less useful crap like food.

Taking a look at the Figaro Server forum on Allakhazam, I think I will join Go Figaro linkshell. Well, if they’ll have me. There was another linkshell in the forum that also sounded interesting, something about knights, but that had a two week application period and it looks like many of their members are frustrated with FFXIV and decided to quit. There was also two more linkshells, one about an economy/crafting linkshell and the other an end game guild, in the forum. Those two simply don’t appeal to me. We’ll see how Go Figaro goes… as long as I can find the dude online one day.

Chipya also told me to see if I can find Tyrni online one day. Supposedly he is also playing FFXIV and is on the Figaro server. Since I don’t know Tyrni’s last name (thanks Square for adding last names), I did a search on Lodestone and found Tyrni Aequitas. Looks like Tyrni has been doing a lot of fighting (assuming this is the right Tyrni). I thought that was a little bit funny since in FFXI he just sat around crafting all the time making oodles of money while the rest of us leveled our characters. Well, I’ll ping Tyrni the next time I see him online and see if he’s the right one.

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Game Oddities

November 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Since I started playing FFXIV, I’ve noticed a couple of weird things.

1) Blank Login Screen

I noticed this after playing the game for a while then quitting. Then when I try to restart the game, I login, get the SquareEnix splash screen, then nothing. I quit the game and try again, but more nothing. I then updated my Internet Options to include https://* and it works. That is pretty dumb.

2) Controller interface to FFXIV cannot reconnect

I bought an Xbox controller for my PC to play FFXIV a bit better. Most of the controls seemed to favor controller play anyway, and I thought it would be more ergonomic than pressing a random combination of keys on the keyboard for long periods of time. Any time my controller turns off while FFXIV is running, when I turn the controller back on, it doesn’t work. In fact, when I do this, it makes the game run slower and doesn’t input any of my commands. That doesn’t make sense. I have to restart the game to make FFXIV recognize my controller.

The PC knows that I have my controller connected since I can push the center button to get my battery level, but FFXIV doesn’t.


Yet not dumb enough to make me stop playing the game…

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