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Conjurer Armor Rank 20 to 30

Been looking at armor today. So far, I’ve been running around in my starter equipment and equipment gained from guildleves because I can. My Conjurer is only rank 15, but I figured I should start thinking about buying gear for when I party. I have about 750k to burn so I thought I’d browse around for a bit. It looks like the armor for Conjurers between level 20-30 is all Canvas.

Slot Optimal Rank Name Current Bazaar Price
Main 23 Plumbed Pine Crook 24,000
Head 26 Canvas Hat 50,000
Body 21 Canvas Half-Robe 70,000
Legs 21 Canvas Breeches 5,000
Waist 22 Canvas Sash 60,000
Hands 24 Canvas Halfgloves 16,000
Feet 23 Leather Shoes 17,000
Total 242,000

Items I didn’t see at the Bazaar:

Main 21 Pastoral Elm Cane 500,000 (Global)

All I need for crafting skills is:
39 Alchemist
25 Armorer
01 Blacksmith
21 Carpenter
21 Goldsmith
30 Leatherworker
30 Weaver



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