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Weaver Gear Rank 20 to 30

Hmm… after reading the Weaver Crafting Forum on Zam, it looks like there are two abilities to consider when purchasing equipment for crafters (at least for Weavers): Magic Craftsmanship and Control. I’m not sure which one is better nor how much they will improve the success rate of a synthesis, but I think I will adjust my equipment list.

Slot Optimal Rank Name Current Bazaar Price
Head 24 Canvas Beret ???
Body 26 Canvas Half 50,000
Legs 26 Canvas Slops 50,000
Waist 16 Leather Tool Belt 29,000
Hands 24 Canvas Halfgloves 16,000
Feet 24 Elm Pattens ???
Total 145,000 + ???

It also appears that Weaver is based on the DEX attribute for their primary tool. Lame.

Weaver Gear List

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