{Found it!}

Wandered over to the Drybone Aetheryte Camp and saw a bunch of Lalafells teleporting there.

Surrounded by pink-haired Lalafells.

Yep… fun times. I decided to look up the cost of gil nowadays. It’s about $38 for 1,000,000 gil. Better get it while it’s hot.

I’m not sure how much money is worth in FFXIV yet. I teleported a rank 30+ guy to Ul’dah for 30,000 gil the other day. That was pretty sweet. That’s equivalent to doing 3-6 regional guildleves for 90 minutes or so depending upon if you’re teleporting or not. It takes me around 6-7 minutes to work on a single regional guildleve, solo.

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  1. Chipya
    November 25, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    Needs more dead lala pics.

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