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Square Fixes a Bunch of Stuff (Part 1)

Comprehensive Version Update Details (11/25/2010)

As far as I can tell, most of the improvements have been good ones. My Conjurer now gains levels faster. Square reduced the amount of XP necessary to gain a level between levels 11 and 31. That didn’t really change anything for me. What really changed it was how they awarded XP. Instead of trying to get a skillup to increase your discipline’s XP, you now earn a certain amount whenever you kill a mob. This is fantastic. Instead of my Conjurer earning anywhere between 0 and 90 XP per kill, I now earn anywhere between 150-250 XP. Also, I can earn Conjurer XP faster by using magic rather than using Spirit Dart all the time. That’s how it’s suppose to be.

Items are now sortable. Hurray!!! Well, they’re only sortable by type although more options will be available in the future. It feels like they wanted to implement something fairly quickly, but it’s better than nothing. They’ve also increased the carrying capacity to 100 slots rather than 80. Now my character can hold 20 slots worth more of crap.

Fixing items is easier now. Instead of my Bone Ring +2 requiring a Bone Chip +1 to fix, now all it requires is a plain vanilla Bone Chip. That’s fairly nice, especially when you’re looking for a Bone Chip +1 and get a Bone Chip +2/3. =(

The UI improvements are fantastic. It’s a little bit easier to browse your gear and find out what items will repair that particular piece. It’s also faster to swap out gear since now you don’t have to scroll through your entire inventory to find another type of equipment since the inventory is sortable. Some other things I haven’t looked at yet are the new keyboard shortcuts (which you have to customize to use) and adjusting the chat text colors. I’m sure those will be nice whenever I get around to configuring them.

They also change the teleport system a little bit. Anima cost to teleport to an aetheryte has now been reduced. You can pick up to three “favored destinations” to teleport to at a reduced cost (by going to the gatewarden at that location and paying a small nominal fee). So now to teleport to a capital or a favored destination is two Anima if you’re in the same area, or three from another area. While this doesn’t mean I can go crazy and teleport everywhere, I can now at least visit all three capitals without incurring a huge debt. Especially with Anima regenerating at a rate of one per four hours.

Overall this is a good update. While it doesn’t really change game play a whole lot for me, I’m also not as frustrated with the game as before. The next update in December is content related. I’m pretty sure I won’t really notice much unless they change a bunch of things around the rank 20 range.

Now random pictures of people crafting in their underwear:

Stop looking at me!

I'm hiding...

And here’s something pretty:

Limsa Lominsa from a distance.

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  1. Chipya
    December 12, 2010 at 1:15 am

    Still not enough dead toefer pictures…

    Sounds like they’re slowly improving things. Though, looks like things really got shaken up as Tanaka has stepped down as producer and the design team organization got changed pretty significantly. Hopefully things continue to change for the better.

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