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FFXIV is still a solo game for me

When my Conjurer reached rank 20, I thought, “Great, now I can find some parties and earn XP faster.” Unfortunately that’s not true. Given my life now, I don’t have time to devote X amount of time to finding a party and playing with them for a couple of hours. At least not when there are alternatives. I still find myself trying to do 8 local leve and 8 regional leve quests solo per 36 hours to earn mostly experience for my Weaver and Conjurer and some money too. It’s just more convenient. And if I want to do anything else after that, I find I rarely have time. It takes a while to run around, hit the various Aetheryte camps, and kill stuff. Heck, it takes me an hour or two to finish 8 local leves and that’s sitting around crafting stuff.

In FFXI, you were forced to find parties, otherwise you couldn’t level. That was its own bit of fun…

I also still haven’t picked up a linkshell. I can’t seem to catch Tasen Shadesen online to join his LS. That’s fine with me though. I’ll sit back and craft some more.

I find that a lot of weaver recipes require leatherworker in some form or another. Well, really two: either I need leatherworker to also do a craft, or I need leatherworker to create a component of a weaver recipe. Time to diversify again. At least it’ll save me more Anima since I no longer have to teleport from capital to capital.

Currently, Weaver 24, Conjurer 21, Leatherworker 13 and I have about 1.5 mil in Gil. From what I can tell though, that’s an ok amount.

Cactaurs! Oh No!!!

Crafting Gear

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