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Square Fixes a Bunch of Stuff (Part 2)

Well, Square came out with a new patch today. I guess this is part 2 of their “let’s make the game better” patches. It’s filled with content. Anyway, I haven’t really explored the patch that much, but there were one or two noticeable changes:

1. Equipment that is breaking/damaged in your inventory is now highlighted in either yellow or red depending on condition.
2. The metrics for equipment durability is now a percentage instead of a raw number.

Looking at the patch notes, they’ve also added NMs, “Impossible to Gauge” icons, goblins or moblins… whatever, revamped the bazaar wards, and added the ability to have a second retainer. Pretty much, the only thing I care about is the extra retainer. Now I can hold even more loot and have them sell stuff in different capitals if I wanted to. More than likely though, I’ll have both of them in the same ward.

Along with this patch, Square has also included the Starlight Celebration or Christmas. Now there are holiday decorations until the end of the year. It’s also snowing in the capitals.

As far as I can figure it out, all you need to do is go to one of the predetermined locations in a capital and examine the decorations or tree or whatnot. Then you will receive a present once every four hours (with the ability to store up to six presents). So that means you can check out a location once per day and get up to six presents at a time.

One of the interesting things is that instead of a cool body piece or whatnot, you receive materials to make that body piece. That means that you need to know a weaver or leatherworker to craft the item for you. Lame. Luckily for me, my weaver is already rank 20+ and I’m working on my leatherworker. I should be able to make the body, head, and feet pieces by myself if I can find all the other necessary materials. They’re also not rare/ex so I can hold multiple pieces and give them to other people.

As far as I can tell, the Dream Hat, Dream Tunic, and Dream Boots are just Xmas themed clothes for rank 1 people. There’s nothing special about them. It’s not like the ole Treat Staff II (FFXI) where it has cool extra abilities. I want my cookie dispensing hat.

Oh, another announcement that SE did a while ago was that they changed the management of their development teams for FFXIV, extended the free trial period indefinitely, and postponed the PS3 launch. Crazy eh?

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