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Square Fixes a Bunch of Stuff (Part 3)

March 19, 2011 2 comments

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I took a break from FFXIV around Christmas time and it lasted a little longer than I expected. In fact, I haven’t played FFXIV since then. It’s a little bit hard to be immersed in a game when you are not a part of a linkshell (my fault) or all of your old FFXI friends are… well still playing FFXI or stopped playing online FF games altogether. I’m sure there’s a very tiny violin somewhere that’s playing for me. I’m pretty sure only two people read this blog anyway.

While I have not been playing the game, I did patch my game in mid-Feb and even read a bit about the updates Square rolled out. They’re pretty good. The main two things that stand out are: they added side quests and we now have an auction house (kinda).

Side Quests
Nice! More content to explore and be sucked in. That reminds me that I should try and finish that dumb storyline fight that keeps killing me. I’m a little bit higher level now.

Auction House (Kinda)
This is probably as close to an auction house as we’re going to get. It’s not bad mind you. You can go to a ward, perform an item search, and get a list of people with prices that have your item there. The bad part is that you still have to travel to that retainer to purchase your goods. I guess that’s for a more authentic feel.

There is also a bunch of UI improvements. When you’re synthing items for a levequest, there is an option to repeat the same synth again. Hostile mobs now have a nice red icon of death by their name. MP regenerates in passive mode (so… whenever you’re not fighting).

Overall all the changes are pretty good and exciting. Maybe I’ll go back to playing one day. Due to the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Square decided to conserve electricity and shut down their game servers. That’s a fairly good way to save electricity since I believe four of their nuclear power plants are in bad shape. This has also delayed development of the game too. Well… I can wait.

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Angry Angler

December 22, 2010 2 comments

Well, that was pretty sweet. While working on the quest “Help the Children“, you’re suppose to kill six Bee Clouds. I was a Pugilist and naturally after killing five of them, the last one flees. That is great for a hand to hand combat person. Well, not really…

I eventually chase it down and like similar quests of this nature, it spawns another Bee Cloud and a Roselet. It also happens that there was an Angler there that aggroed.

Now I’m fighting four different mobs single handily. I can tell you that fighting quest mobs isn’t very hard, especially when you’re doing the quest solo. Fighting regular mobs, like an Anger, is much harder and takes longer. I would estimate that fighting three quest mobs is equivalent to fighting one normal mob that cons Tough or higher. As it turns out, this Angler conned Very Tough and beat the shit out of me.

I managed to kill off all of the quest mobs and then the Angler kills me. The Aetheryte node appears, but now I have to run back from the camp site since I died. I need to complete my quest via Aetheryte node otherwise I won’t get the quest rewards. I run back. The Angler is still there. I figure I can quickly activate the Aetheryte node and teleport back to the camp. I’ve interacted with an Aetheryte node before while a mob was attacking me and I didn’t see why I couldn’t do it now. Still with res sickness, I interact with the node and wait for the pop-up that tells me that I can teleport. It never appears and the Angler kills me.

When I return back to camp the second time, I get a warning that the Aetheryte node will dissipate in 30 seconds (about 5 minutes after I killed the last mob). That isn’t enough time to travel to the Aetheryte node again to attempt to complete my quest. Fucking Angler…

Damn Angler

Hmm… after interacting with the Aetheryte node back at camp, it retrieved unclaimed levequest rewards and I get my money. Wish I knew this one death ago.

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